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  • Ross Henderson

Greetings all!


Since the weather will be preventing us from making music together this evening, I have made a bit of a to-do list, so that we can all make music in the comfort and warmth of our homes! Please look through our current repertoire list, and peruse the material as needed. Some pieces require a great deal of text clarity, so even if the notes are comfortable, a run through of rhythm and text only may be helpful.


The “Everything Will be Fine” collection:

Ally Bally

Auld Lang Syne

Ye Banks and Braes

Bless Us All

(if anything in this list does NOT seem fine to you, perhaps a bit of review will help)


The “Just Needs a Bit of Refining” collection:

Selkirk Grace

Walking in the Air

Loch Lomond*

The Song of the Clyde*

(if anything in this list feels like it may need a bit MORE attention, you know what to do)

*These two pieces now have additional lyrics


The “Hopefully We Can Pull it Off” collection:

O Gin I Were

(We may edit this slightly for Burns Night, but I would like to perform this at our June concert so the earlier we can get to know it, the better)


Teddy and I send you warm wishes, and hope you all stay safe out there!

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  • Ross Henderson

Hi again all you local singers and best wishes from Inverurie Choral Society for the New Year.

We have a date for your new 2024 diaries. Our "Come & Sing" event this year is Karl Jenkins " The Armed Man" choral suite. Would you like to join us on Saturday 16 March 2024 at the Acorn Centre in Inverurie, 10 am to 5pm? We'll learn this wonderful work during the day and perform for friends, families and community at the end of the afternoon. Our fabulous Director of Music Faith Ockwell will lead us, with accompanist James GR Campbell.

For further information, please contact us on: Looking forward to welcoming you for a great day's singing.

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  • Ross Henderson

Did you know that we are a fun group of singers who love to socialise together? When you join us you get the joy of singing and new friends! And if your brave enough, choir members can apply for solo parts within pieces of music that require it. Below are 4 singers within our ranks who stepped forward to bring you a little muppet magic with Bless Us All from The Muppets Christmas Carol.

Happy Christmas Everyone

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