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Grampian Online - 31/1/2023

Inverurie hosts Ukraine-Scotland Social Evening


UKRAINE met Scotland at a very success entente cordiale social evening at Inverurie community campus on Monday (30/1/2023).

Inverurie academy head Neil Hendry, Provost Judy Whyte, Erik Avetisov. Ythan Valley Rotary president Jacqeline Hill, Olha Avetisova at Monday's Ukraine-Scotland social evening at Inverurie community campus. Picture: Griselda McGregor

A vivid illustrated insight into the Ukraine was delivered by Olha Avetisova and her husband Erik.

They fled their home at the beginning of the Russian invasion when Kharkiv was one of the first cities to be bombed continuously.

They spent several weeks sheltering in their basement with their baby son Richard until they were able to escape through Poland.

On Monday it was a joy to see them, now happily settled in Methlick.


Said Erik:" It is a very friendly community with lots of beautiful countryside around us for Richard to explore."

Ukrainian art dealer Mykola Zinchenko of Promotion Gallery had brought a poignant painting by one of his artists of a peaceful seacape in the Crimea, now sadly, annexed to Russia.

Councillor Neil Baillie admires a painting of the Crimea with art promoter Mykola Zinchenko at Monday's Ukraine-Scotland social evening at Inverurie communuty campus.

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