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The 11-strong ICS Sing-Out Team in vocal action at St James's Court. Patricia had organised a Scottish/local programme to keep us singing until the residents tucked into their celebratory tacos.  The sun shone. The rain fell. It was T-shirt temperature, but not quite "taps aff."  There was lots of audience participation, including dancing and stomping a march. Andrew joined us onstage to sing from "Phantom of the Opera." The requested new number "Scotland the Brave" went down a storm. Great to do these Sing-outs. Roll on the next one!

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Save the date! Inverurie Choral Society's next Come & Sing will be Howard Goodall's Eternal Light: A Requiem on Saturday 8 March 2025 at the Acorn Centre, Inverurie. This contemporary work is arranged for an accompanied mixed voices choir with soprano, tenor and baritone solo options. By the award-winning British composer and internationally acclaimed broadcaster, Howard Goodall, it is a stunning new Requiem for our modern day. It is ntended to provide solace to the grieving, reflecting on the words of the Latin Mass by juxtaposing them with poems in English. Speaking about the work, Howard Goodall said, "For me, a modern Requiem is one that acknowledges the unbearable loss and emptiness that accompanies the death of loved ones, a loss that is not easily ameliorated with platitudes about the joy awaiting us in the afterlife. This, like Brahms’, is a Requiem for the living, addressing their suffering and endurance, a Requiem focussing on the consequences of interrupted lives.” Look out for further information in the autumn!

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