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Musical Directors Past and Present…

Our original Musical Director was John Hearne, followed for a further ten years by Moira Hunter, who was aided for a couple of years by Paul Tierney. Our most recent Musical Director was Gordon Jack who steered us through Covid between 2019 -2022. 

We have been so lucky to have had access to these talented musicians who have all helped the choir to develop both vocally and musically.

Music Director

Faith Ockwell is a native of Seattle and has been a resident of Aberdeen since 2021. She moved to Scotland to pursue a master’s degree in composition and musicology at the University of Aberdeen, which she completed in the fall of 2022. Her undergraduate degree in Music Education was received from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. She recently Graduated with a Masters Degree in Music and Compositon. In addition to choral directing and singing, Faith’s passions include violin performance, teaching private music lessons, baking, and exploring the natural and historical wonders of Scotland with her beloved dog, Teddy.

Faith Ockwell
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