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  • Ross Henderson

Rehearsal Homework - From Faith

Greetings all!


Since the weather will be preventing us from making music together this evening, I have made a bit of a to-do list, so that we can all make music in the comfort and warmth of our homes! Please look through our current repertoire list, and peruse the material as needed. Some pieces require a great deal of text clarity, so even if the notes are comfortable, a run through of rhythm and text only may be helpful.


The “Everything Will be Fine” collection:

Ally Bally

Auld Lang Syne

Ye Banks and Braes

Bless Us All

(if anything in this list does NOT seem fine to you, perhaps a bit of review will help)


The “Just Needs a Bit of Refining” collection:

Selkirk Grace

Walking in the Air

Loch Lomond*

The Song of the Clyde*

(if anything in this list feels like it may need a bit MORE attention, you know what to do)

*These two pieces now have additional lyrics


The “Hopefully We Can Pull it Off” collection:

O Gin I Were

(We may edit this slightly for Burns Night, but I would like to perform this at our June concert so the earlier we can get to know it, the better)


Teddy and I send you warm wishes, and hope you all stay safe out there!

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